COVID19 Ventures is a no-code project built to highlight those who are using business for good – creating solutions for this global Coronavirus pandemic.


how to do it:

  • Build time: 2-3 hours
  • Get accounts at Airtable, MailChimp, and Table2Site (go ahead and grab the $10/m plan – you’re going to need it)
    • When you are signing up for your Table2Site account, you are going to need your Airtable API key
  • Familiarize yourself with the Table2Site documentation. It isn’t too extensive yet, but knowing how the system works is going to be key.
  • Now, it’s time to get rolling – login to your Table2Site account and let’s create the site
    • IMPORTANT: Be sure to have your domain name purchased and ready to go when setting up your first site on Table2Site. You cannot attach the domain later, so get ready to make those DNS changes
  • Table2Site has a number of templates built into their program to use. For your first site, I certainly recommend choosing one of these options.
    • After choosing your template, they will provide the opportunity to copy their existing base – do this! Check out the base for my project here.
  • Be prepared to host most of your images – from backgrounds to logos, and more. I used imgbb for most of the images on my site. Airtable has a media hosting option, however, I have only experimented with this in relation to the list functions in Table2Site – not sure if you are able to host other images through this function.
  • Now for the fun part – build out your content! Choose what you want your site to do… Is it a list? A job board? A landing page? Make it happen!
  • I added upvoting* to my list to show the most popular projects that were being listed
    • *I am still working on this function. Was able to add the upvoting feature, but I am still working to get the list to sort based on the number of votes. I can get it to happen in the backend, but it is not reflecting on the site itself.
  • When I went to publish my site, I hit a hiccup – the SSL certificate was not correctly applying to my site and I got a security error every time that I tried to access it. Had to reach out to the founder for help fixing the problem. He responded very quickly and was able to mitigate the issue.
  • Now it is time to go live! Make sure that you turn off development mode in Table2Site when you are ready to release your project to the public so that you do not go over Airtable’s API limit of 5 requests per second.
    • Table2Site caches most content besides the active lists, so the API request limit is not too much of a concern in the long run


  • The SSL certificate wasn’t working for my initial launch, which leads to the next hiccup
  • My product accidentally launched one day early on Product Hunt 🙁
    • I thought that I had scheduled the launch for 9am EST on Sunday, 3/15. Turns out that I had scheduled it for the day before at 9am.
    • This meant that this project launched prior to the SSL certificate being properly installed on the site, and no one was able to view it. Only one upvote.
  • I was able to use the normal Mailchimp subscription form that is built into the Table2Site platform, however, I was trying to implement their exit-intent popup and could not figure out how to add that to the site

Have a project of your own? Send it in the comments below so we can give feedback!

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